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Etihad Airways is showing something new… all the new uniforms for the cabin crew

Today, a new time for Etihad begins, James Hogan said as the press conference in Abu Dhabi. Together with his team and the designer, he shows the new uniforms for all the Etihad Airways cabin crew and I watched the live stream. If you like to see, I will showing you some pictures, directly out of the press conference.

Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_13 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_14

James Hogan was on stage… but now… open the curtains for the models (but maybe u know them, they all real flight attendants)

Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_15 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_18Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_17Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_06Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_03Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_08Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_01Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_02Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_23Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_21
Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_18 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_03 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_19 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_06 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_07 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_09 Etihad_New_Uniforms_Cabin_01If you like to see the new Etihad Products, follow the LINK



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