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Finnair’s newest Premium Lounge in Helsinki – trip report

Finnair, the first european Airline with an brand new A350 (more infos in the next post) has an interesting Lounge policy. Normally Airlines offers Lounge access for their premium passenger (Business or first-class traveller) and costumer with a status in their own or in an alliance frequent flyer program.

Finnair has different lounges in Helsinki and one of the lounges isn’t accessable for premium passenger, only for status pax. The newest lounge, called Finnair Premium Lounge is located in the Non Schengen Area, close to Gate 36. Thats in mind, you could use the lounge on your way back from the world to any (Schengen) european destination, but you should check out the facilities on your way to Asia or the other non schengen destinations.

This lounge is well designed and offers different areas and a litte extra. Directly behind the doors, you would find a buffet, bar and dining area. Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 19 Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 2Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 16Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 20Grab some food and enjoy the dining area with a lot of tables in the corner. The whole lounge looks bright, well designed and something „nordic“.

Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 14

Warm lights, nice light design at the walls and some plants are making the lounge really nice and comfortable. In the middle of the lower floor some more seats, chairs and pods are located, followed by a working area, witch is equipped with Mac computers, printers etc. This small „working cabins“ covered by white curtains, so you could check your mails or getting some work done.

Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 13Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 15Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 12At the end of the lounge is a special room for you kids, if you traveling with. They could play in this room, use the playstation or more. But sometimes, especially if you have arrived in the morning or you tired after an hard working day, its a good idea to check out the relaxing area. On the upper level, there are really comfortable chairs, covered with curtains and perfect to relax. Blankets and pillows, same as you could fin on finnair’s business class, are there also.

Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 7 Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 8

The last area of this beautiful lounges has a view. Located at the end of the lounge, directly a few steps away, enjoy the comfortable chairs and the view to the planes. All over the lounge a lot of power and USB sockets offering power for you devices.

Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 5 Finnair_HEL_Premium_Lounge - 9The EXTRA

This interesting and unique facility, only works in the nordic countries. Finnair offers (shared with the Finnair business Lounge)

As part of the overall upgrade in lounge services in Helsinki, the customers of both the Premium Lounge and the adjoining original Lounge will also enjoy access to completely new private shower suites, as well as a Finnish sauna. Towels and forest berry-based shampoos, shower gels and lotions from Finland are provided.

(c) Finnair

(c) Finnair

Lounge Access

This lounge is only available for frequent flyers. If you are a Finnair or Oneworld frequent flyers with an Saphire or Emerald status, you could use the lounge with one guest. If you „only“ flying in Finnair’s business Class, please use the Finnair Lounge instead.

Both lounges open from 6am to midnight, 7 days a week and located in the Non Schengen Area in Terminal 2, close to gates 36 and 37.

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