Forecast: Airbus and Qatar A350 launch event on the 22h December in Toulouse

The A350 will be the „next generation aircraft“ and Qatar Airways will be the first Airline in the world, who will get one of these planes. Last week, airbus announced that they rescheduled the delivery date. But yesterday… I’ve got an invitation to the launch event

Qatar Airbus launch event

I’m really happy to get this opportunity to see the first A350 live. The British Airways A380 launch event 2 years ago was an amazing experience and I’m thinking, it will be lovely in Toulouse next week.

If you like to see pictures and got more informations, I wanna share this with you on the following ways…

Following me on twitter  –>  SVHENNIG on twitter

You could also follow @airlivenet, I will tweeting for this account as well with new informations and pictures directly from the event on monday 22h December, starting around 9:30am MEZ


And on Monday, you will also find a more informations and pictures in a special gallery and in new blogposts here.

Thanks for follow up…

And btw….

the first A350 route will be DOHA Frankfurt  (Blogpost Qatar A350)

Maybe we will flying together on the inaugural flight on 15th January? 


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