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Haleakalā summit- on top of the island Maui, Hawaii

If you traveling that much like me, saw wonderful places all over the world, it could be getting harder to be „impressed“ of a single place, a hotel or something like this. For sure, there a a lot of places on earth, really breathtaking and impressive.

Yesterday, I travelled with a friend of mine around the beautiful island Maui, Hawaii and we decided to have a look from above.

The Haleakalã is a shield vulcano and forms more than 75% of the island maui. The name Haleakalã means exactly what you will get there, it means „house of the sun“.

On the way up, you will drive through more than 5 different zones of plants and its feeling absolutely breathtaking. But… let me take you to a little „ride“ and show you some impressions from bottom to the top. If you like to go there, there ist a paved highway that lat you going up with you car as easy as you could imagine. The way up by car will takes around 45 minutes and ends on top in the Haleakalā National Park, a 30,183-acre (122.15 km2) park, of which 24,719 acres (100.03 km2) are wilderness.


lot of clouds on the way up… but wait!

paved higway to the top

paved higway to the top

On your way up, many different impressions…



click to enlarge the Panorama!

Few miles before your entering the top, there ist a visitor center with a parking lot, restrooms and some trails to getting around.


Some little birds use the „bus only“ parking lot to walking around and enjoying the beautiful view.  🙂


Behind the visitor center, you will get an amazing view into the crater, thats absolutely awesome and breathtaking.


the visitor center & parking lot

Haleakala_Summit_Maui_05 Haleakala_Summit_Maui_12

Now, it’s time to going up the last mile and reaching out the top of these beautiful island. On top, there ist an non public observatories, another parking lot and some trials to going around and enjoy different views.

And on this mountain, there is a special „flower“, called Silversword. Looks really impressive and growing up only on this place. If they getting bigger, they will looking like this one.



But now it’s time to breath deeply, enjoying the cold, clear air and just sit back and realx with this amazing view on 10.000ft.





klick to enlarge!

and on the way down later, one of these little birds relaxing in the sun …



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