Hotel Review: Hyatt Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi

IMG_3212.jpg(deutsche Version) The superlatives of this world are generally known to be found in the Arabic Emirates. Besides the biggest hotel in the world, the Emirates Palace, you also find the highest tower in the neighbor emirate. With 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa is a specialty without peer and even if the observation deck is placed 400m above, intersections look like slot car racing tracks. Different than in the emirate Dubai, which consequently focused on superlatives and tourism in the recent years, the big brother Abu Dhabi is just on the way. This development could be regarded during the renovation of the hotels.

The Location:

In the last year, the prestigious hotel chain HYATT opened the Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi in the touristic area Saadyat Island. Now, the Hyatt Capital Gate followed in the Business District and is directed to another kind of target group. Placed right at the exhibition center and connected via an architectural wave with it, the architect achieved a connection between new and old. Also the wavy forms of the sand dunes are mirrored in the mere infinity desert. Abu Dhabi airport (AUH) can be reached within 15 minutes by taxi. There is no classical public transportation, which doesn’t really matter because of the cheap prices. If you have some time left after a tiring day and want to sneak a peak, the coast is 15-20 minutes away. In direct neighborhood to the hotel, you find a water ticking, which creates a kind of harmonic atmosphere and can be reached by boat.

The Hotel:

Hyatt did not just build a hotel, but one in which no room equals another. Based on the fact that the building has a skewness of 18 degrees, which is currently maximum in the world, it looks like it would fall over. No other building in the world is more skewed like that.
Having a first glance at it, one might recognize similarities with the Swiss Re building in London. As one of a few buildings it wasn’t built from the outside to the inside. Based on the complexity of the steel construction, one had to start from the inside. Thousands of mirrored glass panes make the tower a little landmark for the city, bringing it to shine whenever hit by the sun. In the front area on a porch the hotel pool is placed, available for all guests. Looking a little above, you find a helicopter-landing place towering the hotel. Arrival by own helicopter is not possible, since the landing place is reserved for the Sheik, who also owns a suite he uses from time to time.

DSC_3074.JPG   DSC_3070.jpg

IMG_3215.JPG   IMG_3216.JPG

The “normal” guests arrive by car and drives through the nicely done driveway to the entrance. After the luggage is taken and the car is parked, one is accompanied to the lobby.The lobby went through a lot of types of usage, even though the opening took place recently. Currently it’s used as a little café by inhabitants, guests and fair visitors as meeting point. Snacks, little dishes and bits and bobs are served over the day. After pacing it, we continue to floor 18, the actual lobby.

189 beautiful rooms are available, 22 of them are suites. Architectural seen, all rooms have a nice view. Not very modern, but not so common is the daylight alighted inner area. Sunlight pervades through the paned roof and enlightens corridors and room entries. Striking in the lobby are the big steel beams that carry the floating porch, which hosts the restaurant entry and the lobby café. Even though there is not a lot going on, as a diamond member I don’t have to wait a second, being checked-in at the extra counter. The reception is, as the whole hotel, very stylish, modern, decent and bright. We live in a standard room, number 2103, as well as in a capital suite, number 2101.


Altogether the hotel owns 5 different categories of rooms and offers a suitable solution for everyone. Standard rooms surprise with a size of more than 40 square meters and are also in the “Arabic perception” big. Entering number 2103, you find the actual room on the right, which seems bright and light similar to the lobby.
Equipped with the expected amenities of a 5 star hotel, you also get an adequate desk, wireless and cable Internet, air-condition of course, automatic venetians and a quite decent and warm endowment.

DSC07566.JPG   DSC07567.JPG

The bedding is of high quality and snow-white. If you don’t go to the right, but straight, you find a luggage tray and a suitable assessed cupboard. Usual utensils for clothes and shoe cleaning, sewing kit and such is available as expected.
Just a few steps away you find the bright bathroom. A, from the bathtub dispatched, shower is present as well as sink and amenities like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel and huge, fluffy towels. I haven’t seen towels that big for quite some time. To me, this is an absolute sign of quality. There is nothing worse than being forced to use a way too small towel. The Hyatt did a good job here.


In my Capital Suite the features are quite the same. I got an extensive selection of beverages in the minibar, a coffee machine by Illy in the living room, too. This makes getting a coffee right after you woke up quite easy. Different than the rooms, the suite consists of a living room, which you enter first. Besides the big television, a well-dimensioned desk and a big sofa with a table, you receive a Bose system and DVD player.
One room further, I enter the bedroom that contains a big King Size bed, high-class crème color bedding and a glassed window front.


Additionally you get another TV and, different to the standard room, no water of the house brand, but two bottles of VOSS water as well as ice, which are refilled at the turn down service every evening. An armchair, a tray for luggage and an occasional table round the well-arranged bedroom. With the bathrooms in the suite, Hyatt definitely created a great product. Two vanities, huge mirrors and in the back area a beautiful, detached rain shower. Where else can you feel warm sunrays on your skin, mixed with relaxing water drops and a fantastic view over the city? Here in the Hyatt, that’s no problem.


The toilettes and the Bidet are placed in a separated area, even though it can only be entered through the bath. Unfortunate because guests cant use the WC while anybody else is in the bathroom


DSC07560.JPG   DSC07561.JPG   DSC07562.JPGBesides the already described pool, the Hyatt Capital Gate offers its guests the Rayana SPA on the 19th floor. In four rooms, one convenient for couples, they offer beauty and relaxation treatments of all kinds. Also the gym, where you once again find a fantastic view, is placed on this floor. If you want to exhaust yourself before a relaxing massage, you can use modern cardio und strength machines, because outside it’s too warm most of the time.

DSC_3095.JPG   DSC_3098.JPGDSC_3099.jpg   DSC_3100.JPG

Restaurant and Bars:

In the restaurant “18 degrees” local specialties of the eastern Mediterranean area are served besides breakfast. Especially the fresh ingredients, which are prepared infront of the eyes of the guests in the show kitchen, are worth it.
Up “on the roof” guests can enjoy the lounge from breakfast to night. Beneath high-class tea and coffee specialties, fresh snacks and a fantastic view from 80 meters height can be enjoyed here.
“Profiterole” – many different trifles, snacks and pastries for take away or eat there – all that is included.



With the Hyatt Capital Gate, the hotel group included another exciting destination in its program and offers business and domestic travellers attractive opportunities. In the Middle East, especially in Abu Dhabi, there’s a big development taking place. With the Formel 1, the Ferrari World or the newly created islands on Saadyat Island, the rulers of the biggest emirate has more and more resemblance to Dubai. Service was friendly and attentive right from the beginning to check-in and any other contact. Even though the air condition didn’t work from the beginning, it was repaired quickly and made the stay fantastic. If you want to test it, regard the partially big differences between normal rates and operators. The experts of Cubetravel love to help you further on.

DSC_3062.JPG   DSC_3064.JPG   DSC_3066.jpgDSC_3069.JPG   DSC_3077.JPG   DSC_3097.jpgDSC_3098.JPG   IMG_3215.JPG   IMG_3216.JPGIMG_3218.JPG   DSC07524.JPG   DSC07526.JPGIMG_3223.jpg   DSC07549.JPG   DSC07550.JPGDSC07552.JPG   DSC07553.JPG   DSC07557.JPGDSC07564.JPG   DSC07567.JPG   DSC07569.JPGDSC07570.JPG   DSC07571.JPG   DSC07572.JPGDSC07573.JPG   DSC07575.JPG   DSC07576.JPG

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