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Hotel Review: The Park Hyatt in Sydney – with grandstand view on opera and harbor

On my last travel I ended up in a Park Hyatt Hotel. This time on the other side of the world, more specificly in the Australian City Sydney. I arrived by Qantas A380 First Class in Melbourne and continued in Business Class to Sydney – pretty straightforward.


The Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney opened just recently last week and is situated in some kind of soft opening. Therefore not all the facilities are ready and available yet. Also service is not on track yet, but hopefully this will change until completion. But before we look at the whole picture, here is some general information.

The Hyatt Group consists of Grand Hyatts, Hyatt Regency Hotels and Park Hyatts, as generally known. Latter, such as the one in Sydney, are usually smaller, more familial and they offer the highest standard of the Hyatt Group. The 163 rooms house is therefore pretty small and more of a family type. Rooms and suites are distributed on four floors with 12 categories in total.


You live as good as could be in Sydney. Right under the bridge, across the opera and harbor lies the little hotel building. If you leave the building by the backdoor, you are right in the middle of the harbor with an enjoyable view on the opera.

[pe2-gallery] DSC05580.JPG        DSC05582.JPG[/pe2-gallery]


We occupied room 218, one of the big “City Harbor King” rooms (40-45qm) that provide a view on the harbor and sidewise on the opera. After the renovation, rooms shine in bright, pleasant colors, which mirrors in the architecture, design and selection of material.


An unbeatable advantage over all the other hotels close by is the fact that rooms are provided with a balcony. Furnished with comfortable seating furniture and an occasional table, it is a pleasure to not only sit there, but also enjoy sunset with a glass of wine. The view on the city and harbor in the foreground gets more interesting, if just in that moment one of the cruise ships is landing.

The architecture of the room is quite open and bright. Thereto, the bathroom is designed towards the living area with a shiftable wall. In the best case, this means the guest can get a glance on city and harbor from the bathtub. If one wishes to receive more privacy, one gets it by shifting the wall. Also the very special toilet is not everywhere to find, since it comes with a heated seat and all kinds of specialties.

[pe2-gallery] DSC05590.JPG  DSC05592.JPG  DSC05595.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Beds are even bigger than expected, since the King Size Bed is built together by two single ones that are connected by a full-length constraint. In the living room, there is not only a couch, but also a dining table, which immensely eases dealing with the Room Service. There is enough place left to dine by two or even three, or to just work. Of course this is even better, when you can look at the harbor meanwhile.

Bathroom amenities are of high quality; the mini-bar is well filled and equipped with passable prices. Moreover, every day fresh fruit and a bottle wine are delivered (which is not based on the Diamond Membership).

Room Service:

I tried out service twice, once for dinner and another time for a delayed breakfast. Both times, service as well as food was good up to very good and prices were indeed acceptable for a hotel of this type. Merely the smoothie fell short of expectations; at least it wasn’t put on the bill.

Here are some pictures of the food on the Room Service menu. Particularly nice is to eat with a view on the harbor. Therefore, dinner was served on the big table.

[pe2-gallery] DSC05648.JPG        DSC05649.JPGDSC05650.JPG        DSC05652.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

Hotel Facilities:

Beneath the usual suspects, such as restaurant, spa (not available when I was there) and fitness center, the Park Hyatt presents a true specialty: a pool on the rooftop terrace.

DSC05678.JPG Not only can you look on sunset shining on the opera, but you can also swim inside the pool terrifically well. Towels, loungers and suchlike are already prepared, so that the guest only has to get to the fourth floor and jump into the pool.

[pe2-gallery] DSC05673.JPG        DSC05681.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

How to book it the best way?

Room pricing does not only depend on the category, but also on location and situation of booking, of course. Me personally, I would wait a few more weeks until teething troubles of the personnel is over. For sure you can book via the Website of Hyatt Hotels. Not only faster and easier, but mostly at a reduced rate you can book with specialist Cube Travel in Berlin.

Approach / Arrival:

It takes around 20-30 minutes from Sydney Airport (SYD), depending on traffic. Arrival by public transportation is possible, but mostly troublesome with luggage. The city itself can be explored right from the hotel, by ferry, bus or taxi.

Größere Kartenansicht

DSC05581.JPG  DSC05587.JPG  DSC05588.JPGDSC05589.JPG  DSC05594.jpg  DSC05595.JPGDSC05596.JPG  DSC05597.JPG  DSC05598.JPGDSC05599.JPG  DSC05600.JPG  DSC05601.JPGDSC05602.JPG  DSC05603.jpg  DSC05606.JPGDSC05607.JPG  DSC05678.JPG  DSC05682.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

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    Thanks for finally writing about > Hotel Review: The Park Hyatt in Sydney – with grandstand view on opera and harbor | Sven blogt

  2. Howard

    Looks fantastic. They’ve done a great job with the renovation. Minibar prices do seem very reasonable. A$5 for a coke? A dream compared to the 10 Euro Park Hyatt Vendome charges. Can’t wait to visit in May!

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