LIVE: Launch of the worlds first Airbus A350 with Qatar Airways in Toulouse (TLS) today Dec 22nd


just a lot of more questions, but excuse, no longer text… no time for everything ­čÖé


QatarA350_01QatarA350_05QatarA350_06QatarA350_09QatarA350_11QatarA350_13QatarA350_12 QatarA350_11 QatarA350_10 QatarA350_09 QatarA350_08

welcome to the press conference…

QatarA350_01 QatarA350_02 QatarA350_03 QatarA350_04 QatarA350_05 QatarA350_06 QatarA350_07

Good morning
We are ready. Just board the bus, not the Airbus to the delivery center.



0:56am: Good morning everybody. here we are. It’s just in the middle of the night and we flown in from Berlin (TXL) via Frankfurt (FRA) with Lufthansa for the A350 ceremony later today. Here the schedule for today…

I’ll update this post many time during the day, put pictures and more information in it etc. If you like to keep informed. pls. follow me on twitter┬áor instagram.

If you could see, there is an embargo until 11:30 for some facts out of the briefing. I’ll clarify when I could post wich pictures and more, but as soon as I could, I’ll post something here.Qatar A350 Schedule 2

and the most exciting part… the first flight with media
Qatar A350 Schedule 3


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