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Lounge Review: Air Canada Marple Lounge in the newest „The Queens Terminal“ in London Heathrow

It was a greasy week of business travel and ended up with the Qatar Airways inaugural flight (–> Review), but as I mentioned in the blogpost „Review United Club London Heathrow“, I spent few hours in London’s T2 before I boarded the Egyptair A330 to Cairo.

At this time, in Londons Queens terminal, which is used by all star alliance member airlines, are three lounges. Lufthansa Business Class Lounge, the fantastic United Club (–> Review) and this Air Canada Marple Lounge.

The opening hours are comparable, open 5am in the early morning for the mostly incoming US flights til 10pm in the evening to host guests travelling eastbound. If you holding a business class ticket of a Star Alliance Member Airline, its your choice to pick up one of the lounges or try it step by step.

AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_01 AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_02

Air Canada’s Lounge is close to the United club and also located in the B-Gates area. If you traveling with an airlines leaving on the A gates of T2, its a 5-1 minutes walk without security controls or everything, so it’s totally up to you.

The „hidden“ Lounge entry on the departure floor is connected with stairs or an elevator to lift you up one level. I went in there in the morning around 7:45 ans was friendly greeted by two ladies sitting on the reception desk. Unfortuatelly, there was a problem with the showers today and I can’t getting an shower. So I went to the United Lounge (Full Review) after taking some pictures and got the shower over there.

All the furniture in the AC Lounge was dominated by well designed materials and warm colors, felt like in a living room. Floor to ceiling windows were offering a full view to the gates, where later on the day the „Hobbit plane was on stand“.


The lounge herself offers plenty of seats, relaxing chairs and feels warm and comfortable. If you like to have a nap, you could use one of the relax chairs in small compartments.

AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_12 AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_13

On the left hand side behind the entrance, there is a dining area which offers breakfast, lunch or dinner. I was there in the early morning so I got breakfast with self made waffles as well. They also offering fresh juices, smoothies, scrambled eggs and much more. The coffee machine makes much better coffee as all other lounges btw.

AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_07 AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_08 AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_10

AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_06In the middle of the lounge, surrounded by warm wood walls is the working area. Equipped with computers, printer, fax and a really big table, there ist plenty of space to get some work done, before you entering the plane.


Lets have a look into the sitting area…


AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_09 AirCanada_Maple_Lounge_London_T2_14


The Maple Leaf Lounge in London ist really new, offers quite places to relax, a restaurant area for dinning and enough space to work. Good coffee, good service and a view on the gates let the waiting time flying away. The best way (for me)… Go to the united lounge to have a shower and enjoy the bigger breakfast buffet over there and after this, stay in the Air Canada Lounge til your flight is ready. If you flying on Lunfthansa, be aware that the AC and UA Lounges need appx. 10-15 Minutes walking time.

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