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Lounge Review: United Club in the Terminal 2, The Queens Terminal, in London Heathrow (LHR)

Normally, I don’t flying Star Alliance Carrier out of London and using my preferred airline British Airways instead. But last Monday on my way back from Honolulu, I arrived with American Airlines nice Business Class in the B777-300 (read the full review here: Review: American Airlines B777-300 Business Class or First Class) and was on the way to Cairo with Egyptair.

That was the reason to be in the newest terminal in London, The Queens Terminal, home of all the star alliance carrier in London. Even if you flying Egypt Air in BusinessClass, you have different options for airport lounges in T2, don’t care about a status or something.

One of the lounges it the Lufthansa Business Lounge, close to the A Gates in the terminal, two more (and better) options are the United Club and the Air Canada Marple Lounge (review will be published soon)

T2 Terminal Map LHR

The united club lounge is located opposite to Gate B46 one level up. There is a small “hidden” entrance before you could use the elevators or stairs to reach the reception.

On this first morning, important thing was to have a shower and so I went to the Spa reception, located in the middle of the lounge. There are eight bathrooms with showers and they also offers a pressing service for your shirts, so you could leave the lounge refreshed and well dressed.

United_Club_London_T2_01 United_Club_London_T2_02

United_Club_London_T2_04 United_Club_London_T2_03

This bathrooms are really nice decorated with warm colors and equipped with all what you need. Shaver, dental kits, shampoo and more, so you could get a refreshing shower befor you go on board. After this, I decided to looking around and took some pictures for this review. The lounge are amazing and brand new. Floor to ceiling windows offers a nice overlook over the gates, parked planes and the A Gates in T2.


There are plenty of different options to relax, dine or work. On the far end of the lounge, shown in the pictures above, are this high tables which worked perfectly for me to got some work done. If you sitting there, you could overlooking the whole lounge and the outside area as well.


If you came in, you passing a lot of more options to sit down. A relaxing area with „a three“, smaller tables to have breakfast and a lot of space on the bar.

United_Club_London_T2_14In the back of the lounge is a TV area, where you could watching TV or reading a newspaper. All around the lounge are an amazing amount of power sockets and USB sockets as well. Everywhere is an option to charge your phone or computer, even in the middle of the high tables.


The best thing however is… surprisingly, the food. Yes, you got it, it is the food. If you know other Unied Clubs, especially inside the US, maybe you though „are you kidding me?“ but the food was absolutely amazing good. There is a warm and cold breakfast buffet, a lot of snacks during the day and manny options for lunch. All the food I’ve tried was fresh, delicious and looks great.

United_Club_London_T2_12 United_Club_London_T2_11Around 11am they changed it from breakfast to lunch with a salad buffet with many different dressings and more than four option for main course.

United_Club_London_T2_22 United_Club_London_T2_21 United_Club_London_T2_20

Located in different places, there a stations for drinks and the possibility to make your own dring with the recipes beside, or easily go directly to the bar and order maybe one of the homemade iced tea.

United_Club_London_T2_09 United_Club_London_T2_10So, at the end, United has built a great lounge for all customers traveling in business- or first-class or with an Star Alliance status of course. It’s more than worth to walk over, even if you flying Lufthansa or other airlines leaving from the A gates. It will be a quick 5-10 minutes walk between A and B area.

United_Club_London_T2_08 United_Club_London_T2_17 United_Club_London_T2_07


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