Lovely Big Apple… New York in autumn, just a few pictures

New York, the Big Apple is one of my favorite city in the United states. I really like the „power of the city“, but the quite areas, the little Cafe in Williamsburg, street art in Brooklyn and so much more. Today, I posted just a picture on twitter

and some people asked my directly, if I could publish some more pictures, and yes, I’ll.


Columbus Circle, New York, on a sunny day


Central Park view, New York City

not build for tourist, but nice to take the ropeway to Roosevelt Island

NY_autum_svenblogt_de_02 NY_autum_svenblogt_de_11


few weeks to go, and the skating rink will open the door at Rockefeller Center


autumn in the Central park, beautiful colors all around


coaches to take a ride through the central park


autumn colors twice


sea gulls relaxing in the sun at South Street seaport


South Street Seaport, New York

The little squirrel enjoying the best time of the year and picking up a lot of food….


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