New York City in the early morning

good morning from New York. On this trip, I’ll be just 26hrs in this lovely city, just business meetings and thats the reason to „stay in your home time zone“. In fact of this, I woke up at 5am and decide to walk around a little bit. Just some shots you may like. empty streets in the morning But like the whole day, you will find some street food, even at 5am in the morning.

steetfood near TimeSquare

steetfood near TimeSquare

One of the most known street, the 5th Avenue in New York city. Known for expensive shops and more. NY_June_Sven_3




your newspaper delivery! ready for breakfast

Did you watched the „Madagascar“ movie? Here it was (partly) as they arrived in NY; in the Grand Central Terminal. NY_June_Sven_7 And last but not least, one of my favorite shot today… NY_June_Sven_6

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