Picture Tour: Swiss offers new and much nicer lounges in Deck E in Zurich (ZRH) Airport

SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 15Yesterday was a big day for SWISS. The first Boeing 777 arrived in Zurich and offers the new FirstClass, optimized Business and Economy seats and I was invited to the event by SWISS. In my blogpost, you’ll find all the News about this new aircraft, destinations and plenty of pictures of all cabin classes. But beside the welcoming event of the new B777, Swiss made another big step forward and completely new lounges with more than 3.300sqm in Dock E. If you traveling now on longhaul destination, try and enjoy this new opportunities.

wiss Loungesshort facts:

– all lounges offers a terrace concept

– common reception, just an „reformation, but no revolution“, SWISS said

– mix of personalization and digitalization as part if the holistic customer experience

– shorter distance to all the Dock E departure gates

SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 2SWISS Business Class Lounge

– more than 1.200 sqm has a seat capacity of approximately

– different zone concepts, eat- refresh, relax, entertain, work

– front cooking and offering of fresh and healthy food

– shower facilities (shared with the SENATOR lounge)

– outside terrace with view of runway and the swiss alps

SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 11SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 12SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 8SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 9SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 10SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 4SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 1SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 7 SWISS_neu_BUSINESS_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 6As a Star Alliance Gold Member, you have to choose which Lounge you wanna use. The Senator Lounge could be a good idea, especially if you are Whishy lover.


– more than 1.100 sqm and up to 225 seats are available

– shower facilities

– Whisky Bar with more than 120 different Whiskies

SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 9SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 13 SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 10SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 17SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 16SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 18SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 12SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 7SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 14 SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 8SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 4 SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 5

Both lounges, Business and Senator offering the new coffee maker. Not only coffee, espresso and latte, they also offering iced coffees and specialities via one touch.

SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 1 SWISS_neu_SENATOR_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 3

And now… open the curtains for the new, beautiful


– 750 sqm and up to 100 guests

– more space, more privacy and individual service

– premium à la card restaurant

– unique wine humidor with appr. 1000 bottles of wine

– Champagne Bar

– VIP conference room, shower facilities and… TWO HOTEL ROOMS (see below)

SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 7SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 1 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 2 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 3 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 4 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 5 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 6SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 8 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 9

SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 1 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 2 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 10 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 11

Just a quick look in the HOTEL ROOMS for First Class Passenger

SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 12 SWISS_neu_FIRST_Lounge_Dock_E_svenblogt_de_ - 13

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