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Review: Airport Lounge in Dubai’s new Al Maktoum Airport (DWC, Dubai World), Marhaba Lounge

Dubai, the amazing city in the middle east, there are two airports. The Dubai International Airport (DXB) and the newest Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, Dubai World (DWC). Only a few flights were operated on the new airport. I flew to Doha with Qatar Airways. Qatar offers a „Dubai Shuttle“ to both airports, but only one flight a day to DWC.

The airport looks ghostly, only a few passenger in the airport, flying with Qatar to Doha or with FlyDubai to Muscat for example.

All Airlines are using the MARHABA LOUNGE, located on the first floor. After the security, you could use the escalators or elevators to the first floor. The Lounge could be used by Qatar Premium passenger in Business or FirstClass, Oneworld Emerald or sapphire member, FlyDubai BusinessClass traveller or if you pay a fee of 150 AED.

_DWC_Lounge__ - 10_DWC_Lounge__ - 9_DWC_Lounge__ - 8_DWC_Lounge__ - 11It it a really basic setup and nothing special in the Marhaba Lounge in DWC, but hey… there is a lounge.

They offer drinks, coffee, arabic coffee and spirits.

_DWC_Lounge__ - 3 _DWC_Lounge__ - 2 _DWC_Lounge__ - 1 _DWC_Lounge__ - 5 _DWC_Lounge__ - 4As self service, there are salad, rolls, pastries and fruits.

_DWC_Lounge__ - 7 _DWC_Lounge__ - 6Also you can order some hot food from a small menu.

Bottom Line:

The MARHABA Lounge at the Dubai World Airport is nothing I wanna pay for, but on the other hand, it’s nice to have a lounge. The Wifi was really slow and mostly unusable. The best at Dubai World, the airport still so empty, absolutely no waiting time at the checkin desk or the security checkpoint.


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