Review: Cathay Pacific new BusinessClass in the Boeing 777 Hongkong to SFO

Having tested many products in the last few months, I had a little left to go to get to my appointment from Hong Kong to the USA. What’s better suited than Cathay with their headquarter in Hong Kong. The domestic Airline operates to SFO, LAX, but also New York.

I already booked the 15h flight to New York, because I had the chance to fly to the East or West Coast business wise, but due to the weather, my plans changed. Since I have to fly back to Europe afterwards, I continued by HKG-SFO and then continue in BA First Class to London and Berlin.

I arrived by Qatar Airways to my meeting, starting from Doha at 2 P.M. So I shortly entered Hong Kong, went to my appointment in the hotel and took off on January 9th 1 A.M, 11 hours after arriving. I had enough time for business and time for the lounge, to work a little and the continue flight.

The Lounge

In Hong Kong Cathay offers several own lounges, adding to a couple of OneWorld partner lounges. As always, I took the first class in wing T1. The description can be read in my review of Cathay First Class flight in the 747 , as I use exactly the same lounge. There is no problem with my OneWorld Emerald ticket, no matter the class you’re in.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_01 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_02

For the first time I was able to use one of the Cabanas today. Beautifully equipped rooms with shower, big bath rub, daybed and more. I had time for a relaxed bath before returning to my desk. Using the cabana is no matter of ticket but of availability parallel to the showers.
Compared to the bathrooms in first class lounge of Lufthansa or the cabanas in the Concorde Room of BA in London these were the better choice. Warm colors, high-class equipment and super friendly service round the offer.


Food and beverages are offered in diverse areas of the lounge: in the restaurant “Heaven”, as well as in the pasta bar or as little snack menu. Today they had a brilliant mushroom risotto.
Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_10 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_11

The service was constantly good and helpful, therefore I can only recommend to use it if possible.

Terminal HKG

Terminal HKG

The plane

As nice as the lounges are, at some time we had to go ;-). The Boeing 777 with the registration B-KPP was already waiting.

The new business class product in the Boeing 777-300 is offered by Cathay on several flights. If you fly from Germany you can get it guaranteed between Hong Kong and Frankfurt and arrive totally relaxed after 12 hours in the metropole of Asia.


Cathay Pacific divides seats into two different cabin areas: the first two rows (11 and 12) are placed behind the curtain to first class (two rows in 1-1-1). They are arranged in a 1-2-1 constellation and skewed like in the new BusinessClass of American Airlines (Review), in a kind of fishbone pattern, so every seat has access to the corridor. Immediately behind them you find a toilet on the left and right and then the Gallay. Then follow the other rows configured in the same arrangement.


The best seat is clearly in row 11, A or K if you are alone or twosome. Since the cabin is very small, it’s also very quiet and service can rush through it quickly. Especially when travelling at night you can get some extra sleep, plus the cabin can be darkened. A similar choice of seats with small cabin can be found at Swiss, in the 787 by British Airways or at American Airlines.

The seat

For me personally it’s the best seat I have every tried in the business class market. The skewness and depth creates a feeling comparable to first class products. It’s more than 2 meters longs, really flat and bride. More in the pictures.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_16 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_60

You can configure the seat not with a touch but remote control that’s placed at the outer side of the seat, where you also find a little storage. In it you find socket for headphone, shelf and a mirror. The seat is comparable to the ones of high-class Airlines, so is the equipment. It provides a lot of room and storage. The side arm rests can also be hidden, so you get more room for your bed.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_29 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_30


Here you get a little glimpse of the control elements, the provided sockets for audio, universal and USB plugs.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_34 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_19 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_25 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_23

It starts with the mentioned shelf, followed by a huge side table and a big shelf below for the shoes. You can also store a lot of things. On the following pictures you can spot them fairly easy.
Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_26 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_42

The seat becomes particularly more interesting when it’s time to sleep. By the press of a button it transforms into a long, bride and super comfortable bed. It provides enough privacy (which you have anyway by the size of the cabin) und sleep like in seventh heaven.


Comfy soft blankets round the beautiful sleeping experience. Getting another one was no problem, so I had a good blanket for my seat. I cannot remember when the last time was I slept so well.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_33 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_52

As to be seen on the picutres, the table can be unfolded in two steps. It can also be hidden well when folded, so you can get up well.

The entertainment program

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_35 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_36

The entertainment program by Cathay is more than extensive: movies, games and music. The screen is big enough; the only problem is you cannot adjust it to watch TV when the seat is transformed into a bed. Of course you can solve this with a pillow or adjusting the seat.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_39 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_41

Besides several variances of the flight map there’s airplane camera, but it was hard to test during the night. Anyway, it was nice to use it during the day.

The Amenity kit


As typical in premium cabins there is a kit at CX with necessary utensils for a pleasant flight.

Different than at Qatar, in business class you find no pajamas. The new bags are not only well designed, which might be caused by the partnership with Agnes B., but also practically designed. For ladies and gents they have different variances and they are being brought with a smile when you sit down.

In it you find everything you need, as to be seen on the pictures. The socks are warm, the eye mask fits and cosmetiques come from the brand Jurlique.


The food on board

I haven’t really sat down, when I was asked what I’d like to drink. I took a little fruit cocktail, which was created for this month especially. Shortly after I got the menu.


Since it was a night flight at 1 A.M., the question occurred whether to eat something or not. We started with a salad with French dressing and prawns.

As main course they had two versions: a Chinese one with chicken and mushrooms or grilled steak with vegetables and potatoes. I took the steak which was well done and delicious.

Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_46 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_47 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_48Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_49 Cathay_Pacific_Business_777_51

I liked that they brought desert on a wagon, so you can choose what you want. It contained different kinds of fruit, cheese and variations of chocolate and caramel mouse with vanilla sauce. They served it well, coming with the chocolate sauce in a special little cup. It’s rounded by coffee, tea and sweets.


If you just want a light snack, you can get something. Before landing in SFO at 9 P.M. we got brunch. The offer can be seen on the menu. Unfortunately I slept to deeply and well, I passed it.

Also the selection of beverages was nice and extensive. They had two different red wines and two white wines, followed by a menu with four special red wines from Italy.

If you prefer Champaign, they have it. Port wine, sorts of rum, Gin, Whisky and Cognac round the offer. Of course you also get non-alcoholic beverages.

the service and conclusion 

In the recent years I flew so much and have seen all kinds of products, so I can judge them pretty well. One thing has to be said: the service was brilliant. I’ve hardly experienced anything like that. And I cannot sign the criticism young stewards and stewardesses sometimes get.


Starting with a friendly welcome, followed by approaching always with a smile and being helpful they get 10 out of 10 points from me. Additionally comes the great product, which is first choice for me on flight form Hong Kong. I will also fly from Frankfurt a couple of times in the future, so I can enjoy this great product.

I hardly write thank you letters, but this flight deserves one.


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