Review: „The Lowell Hotel“ in New York City – the exclusive „at home“ feeling

(Deutsche Version) It’s the same procedure every time I’m in New York. Where am I gonna stay? Well, preferably where I haven’t been before. There are so many nice hotels in New York City, but I only visit each for once. The reason is simple: I deliberately try to get a certain diversity into my visits, everything that’s constant would be boring.

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This time I got an advice by Nadine and so I chose “The Lowell”, a personal little Hotel in 63rd Street on Upper East Side. Just like “The Mark” and the Greenwich Hotel it belongs to the “Leading Hotels of the World” group and therefore is a quite individual hotel. Not comparable to chain hotels that can be beautiful but have a stringent style, the Lowell offers individual rooms and suites in a typical New Yorkish building. From the outside, you’d almost take it as a normal house where people live in, and also inside a constantly plushy design is present in every part of the hotel. I especially enjoy the flair of such buildings, which is also why I like the two houses of the group so much; here in “my” city.

The Hotel:

In a quiet side street, overgrown with trees, in Madison Avenue you find the hotel that’s hard to distinguish from neighborhood houses. The small amount of 49 suites and 23 deluxe rooms make you expect a very personalized service, since there must be only a few guests.
Little assiduities like welcome beverages, daily Voss water and bathroom amenities by Bulgari stress the service. With 36 square meters, the 28 deluxe double rooms are way bigger than in many other hotels in New York and offer Kingsize beds or two separated ones, depending on who you travel with.

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The 49 suites scatter to nine very different and individual designed suite types. Starting with junior suites, which have 54 square meters and are a little bigger than the rooms, consisting of a combined living and sleeping area. Deluxe one-bedroom suites are 72 square meters. Here, the living room is separated from the bedroom and many of the suites own chimneys and/or balconies, depending on location. Of these suites there are deluxe versions, which are located on 6th, 7th and 14th-16th floor and designed by Michael Smith in 2007.

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Very warm and cozy colors round the furnishing. Bathrooms made of marble and self-contained shower, a big bathtub for abundant baths support the residence feeling. You can even enjoy watching TV while you take a bath on a flatscreen in the bathroom. Suites are equipped with a detached kitchen, big bedrooms with whole-sized mirrors and lovely chosen decoration. Beautiful lamps, vases, flowers and other items are well aligned to each other.
Furthermore, the hotel offers four “special suites”. The garden suite, which comes up with 72 square meters and two terraces, one of them with flower garden and fountain, is one of them. Original artworks by Fleur Cowles, an American artist (1908-2009).

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Another one of these special suites is the Hollywood Suite, with 90 square meters a little larger and thereto offering a conference table for eight people. The Manhattan and Lowell Suite offer something special each: the suite is prepared of every guest individually and fits his needs best. This also stresses the individual approach of the hotel in an impressing manner. The 180 square meter Penthouse on floor 18 is big time. Here, the hotel shines bright with several bedrooms, inviting big living rooms, a gourmet kitchen, a dining rooms as well as a conservatory.

But it doesn’t need to be so big. Just alone the “standard rooms” offer high qualitative marble bathrooms, bathtub and self-contained shower, enmities by Bulgari, flatscreens and kitchen area. DVD player, 3 or more phones, free Internet access via cable of WIFI and atmospheric lighting create a feeling of cozy residence. This is continued in bed- and bathrooms: Big and cozy towels, super comfortable beds with high quality bedding, lots of feather-filled pillows and cuddly duvets.

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iPods for Bose docks are provided by the hotel as well as all the other needed utensils, hich make the stay unforgettable.
Who then likes to outspend oneself finds a little gym with modern and new apparatuses on second floor.

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You can run on the treadmill or do any other workouts you like. Beverages, cooled towels and fruits are for free availability. Voss water is provided again on a daily basis at the Turn Down Service and in the morning cleaned shoes and the newest issue of the New York Times await the customer.
A specialty is the fact that the included breakfast can be enjoyed in the restaurant PREMBROKE as well as in your room.


Both possibilities were quite delicious, whereas the room service provided the advantage of having dinner on the terrace.

The Service:

We just arrived at the big plus of the hotel. Anybody, without exception, is complaisant, friendly and helpful. Right when arriving you are talked to in name, whether in the restaurant, lobby or when entering the room.
Very different to big hotels the guest is “known” after a short while and besides a little small talk, the hotel simply offers and excellent service.
Special wishes are requested beforehand and regarded. You need a computer in your room and you are maybe there for the second time? The hotel would recognize you and prepared everything after your needs. There is water with gas or without, if you had it like that last time. Everything is simply prepared, as the guest could prefer it.

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Insider advice:

If you book a standard room, you can upgrade it with a little knowledge. Therefore you request the room to be on 17th floor, right after booking. This is the only room that has a terrace as standard. The reason is simple: the room can be connected to the Penthouse Suite. If it’s not occupied, or the guest is satisfied with the two bedrooms, the “normal” room is offered self-contained.

Arrival/ booking:

The next available subway station is 63rd Lexington Av. (line F). From there it’s just a few steps to the hotel, so that even when carrying luggage it’s possible to do it by foot. Of course, by taxi it’s easier. The address is: 28 East 63rd Street.

Größere Kartenansicht

You can book the Leading Hotels best via the website, where you should register for the Leading Club. You’re charged, but open to room upgrades at arrival and there are diverse other advantages for members.

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