Today: Swiss gets their first Boeing 777 with new interior, new firstClass – impressions of the „welcome event“ in Zurich today

_Swiss_777_ - 2_Swiss_777_ - 1Swiss_777_ - 1 Swiss_plane_777_Hangar___ - 1 Swiss_plane_777_Hangar___ - 2 Swiss_plane_777_Hangar___ - 3 Swiss_plane_777_Hangar___ - 4 Swiss_plane_777_Hangar___ - 5Good morning from Zurich,

today is a big day for Swiss international airlines. A new era starts for swiss. In the last years the longhaul fleet of swiss contains Airbus A330 and A340 airplanes (my review Swiss FirstClass, review Swiss Business Class), but starting today, they are (partly) switching to Boing.

In July 2015, swiss published a nice video of the new interior of this beautiful new products in the air, see below.

During the day, I will add some more pictures and facts about the new planes, I’ll show you a lot of pictures of the opening ceremony of the new Lounges in Concourse E in Zurich and more. Especially if you are interested in aviation and travel, you could get impressions inside and outside the plane in Zurich. Please follow me on twitter and instagram to get the fist look today.

Swiss_777_ - 3

Swiss_777_ - 5

_Swiss_777_ - 3


the new Boeing 777 planes will equipped with…

eight new designed FIRST CLASS suites. The new key fact: more privacy. If passenger like to sleep or watching TV, they could closing the doors and feeling like an apartment, not like a seat in an airplane. Similar to much more other airlines, privacy in first-class getting more and more important. Configuration: 1-2-1

–  Personal at-seat wardrobe, which can be used as an additional privacy divider during rest
–  Electro-mechanical window shades (servicing all three windows of the seat area at the same time)
–  32-inch video screen, the largest in the industry
–  Second screen (moving map, pro- gramme selection) integrated into the handset
–  More stowage space
–  Second lavatory

Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 1 Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 2 Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 3 Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 4 Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 5 Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 6 Swiss_plane_777_FIRST - 7sixty two BUSINESS CLASS SEATS. Similar to the current plans, the seats will get the 1-2-2 or 2-2-1 configuration. As usual on swiss planes, you could get the best (alone) seat on 7A, 9A… with plenty of space around.  There is also this little private cabin behind the first class, rows four and five with only 10 seats in the first section of the business class cabin. Especially if you flying during the night, it’s the best option to get much more rest, because this small private cabin section.

–  Additional features for more privacy and personal space
–  New table for easier handling
–  Large 16-inch video screen
–  Second screen (moving map, programme selection) integrated into the handset
–  More stowage space
–  Modular seating (with double and single seats)

Swiss_plane_777_C_ - 1

the „Stübli“

Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 5 Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 6 Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 8 Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 1 Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 2 Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 3 Swiss_plane_777_BUSINESS_ - 4and 270 ECONOMY CLASS SEATS

– Maximum comfort with the latest seat-cushion technology

– More legroom
– Large 11-inch touchscreen with USB and audio port
– Touchscreen instead of remote control device
– Leather headrest cover
– Cup and smartphone holders

Swiss_plane_777_ECO_C_ - 4 Swiss_plane_777_ECO_C_ - 3 Swiss_plane_777_ECO_C_ - 2Swiss_plane_777_ECO_ - 1

and just a quick look in the cargo holdSwiss_plane_777_ECO_C_ - 5

First Flight, destinations, dates

Look at this map, the first Swiss Boeing 777 destinations will be New York and Montreal. The first (longhaul)flight will be the fight LX14, departing 12:55pm on February 21st, 2016 from Zurich. Before starting the regular longhaul operation, swiss operation intra Europe familiarization flights, the starting on February 8th to Geneva and Frankfurt. (ZRH-GVA-ZRH-FRA-ZRH).

swiss map 777

Disclaimer: I was invited by SWISS for this event and the flights to the invent were complimentary. My opinion is- of course- unaffected by this.


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  1. Tolle Fotos! Allerdings erinnert diese vorgesetzte Fensterabdeckung, doch eher an den ICE! Haben sie das aus Gründen der Geräuschminimierung gemacht? Auf den ersten blick geht dadurch etwas das Flugzeugfeeling verloren…

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