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In 2012 I started with some english blog posts and reviews, because more and more readers came from all over the world. It makes it easier for this reader grout not only saw the pictures and understand the hidden facts behind the airlines, hotels and restaurants. Maybe I’ll translate more and more older posts soon. All english posts could be fount with this tag. english post

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NEWEST: Qatar Airways inaugural flight A350 Business Iberia new Business Class, A330

Airline Reviews in First Class:

Lufthansa, First, B 747-800                              Lufthansa, First, A340-600                           Swiss Air, First, A330
Qantas, First, A380                                              Emirates, First, A340-500                           British Airways, First, B777
Thai Airways, First, B777                                 Lufthansa, First, B747-400                           Cathay Pacific, First, B747
Thai_Royal_First18  LH_First_747-400_23  Cathay
British Airways, First, A380                        American Airlines, First, A321T                           Qatar Airways, First, A380
BA_A380_F  AA_A321T1  QRA380F1

Airline Reviews, Business Class:

British Airways, Business, A318                   Virgin Atlantic, Business, A340                       Iberia, Business, A340
Lufthansa, Business, B747-800                     Turkish Airlines, Business                        United Airlines, Business, B757
  Turkish  United
Brussels Airlines, Business, A330                Finnair, Business, A330                                    Airberlin, Business, A330
Brussel  Finnair  airberlin-330
American Airlines, Business, B777                   Austrian, Business, 767                         British Airways, Business, B787
AA_777  austrian  BA787
Qatar Airways, Business, A330               Qatar Airways, Business, B787                     Cathay Pacific, Business, B777
Qatar  QR_787_1  CX_C_7771

American Airlines, Business, B767-300      Iberia, Business, A330                           Qatar Airways, Business, A350

AA 767-300 Business  IB Business:1Qatar_A350_1

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Andaz West Hollywood, Los Angeles   Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong   The Lowell, New York

Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi   Jungle Bay, Dominica   Park Hyatt Dubai

   MO_BKK_14   ritz_YYZ_1

JWMarqis_Dubai_18Mövenpick Dubai Lake Towers


And some more English Hotel Reviews


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