Hotel Review: The tallest Hotel in the world – residing in the Ritz Carlton Hong Kong

(Deutsche Version) On the way to Australia, better said on the way back, I spent a few nights in the “Ritz Carlton Hong Kong”. It’s currently the tallest Hotel in the world, regarding the level it’s lodged. Its facilities are to find on level 109 to 118 and I was staying in a corner suite on 110th.

The arrival from airport HKG succeeded uncomplicated and was chosen by pure convenience. As I later realized, arriving by train would have been better, but as it was late already, I just jumped into the taxi. Having no money of the local currency and not accepting my credit card the taxi stopped in front of the hotel. When asking for a cash machine I was welcomed by the words: “We’ll take car of this”, which they did. Later on it came out they would pay for the costs and not put it on my bill.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 1 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 2

The Ritz Carlton:

Belonging to the international chain, the Ritz Carlton is placed directly above the Kowloon Station. Just a few steps to the elevator, passing two escalators and you find yourself in the lobby of the hotel. Nicely furnished, appealingly designed and served with a coffee you cannot only wait for guests but also watch the float in the lobby. As already mentioned, welcome was very pleasant and courteous. My luggage was taken care off and I was accompanied to the Check-in, which can be reached by using one of the elevators, because the actual lobby is lodged on floor 109. Also you get access to many restaurants and the rooftop bar from here and there is lots of service personnel walking around in order to fulfill you any wish you have. In another blog post, I already wrote about the indescribable kitchen and great service in the restaurant Tosca. Starting from the first door to public areas, corridors to suites and rooms, the house is kept in an Asian style, decorated with muted colors and gold. Even though this was almost too much for my company, I like the style and am still excited.


After stepping up the check-in counter and giving my name, there came up some kind of fuss, because when residing in one of the suites or on the club floor, you check in at the club or directly in the suites. So we where accompanied to the suite by an employee. We got rid of all the formalities there and received a detailed explanation of equipment and possibilities of the suite. Cooled coke stood ready in a big ice bucket on the sideboard. Obviously, my preference was taken out of the guest program Mystic and immediately arranged for me. Also little sweet gifts, which were already acknowledged in Hong Kong and which I can always eat, were prepared for me. In this relation, I’d like to state that not every saving of data is a bad thing. In this case it was just an example of great service.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 1 (1)

The Hotel:

With 312 rooms and suites in 15 different categories, the Ritz Carlton is sufficiently equipped for big events. Standard rooms already provide 50 square meters in the smallest category, which is enough room to not step on each other’s foot. Regarding the endowment and service, the name luxury hotel is more than well deserved. But there were further highlights waiting for me. In order to reach those, we enter the elevator and get to the highest floor (118th). There you find the fitness and pool area. Who else can say to enjoy a pool or run on a treadmill, looking 118 floors down the way?

Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 2 (1)

Also here, the service is not only good, but perfect. Hardly entering one of these areas, directly someone fulfills your wishes, such as towels, beverages or whatever you’d like to have. The work out area is equipped with new and high class devices, music can be played from an iPod and even Wi-Fi is available during your work out, for whoever uses that. Swimming with such a fantastic view is something really special and should be tried out, if possible.

One floor down there is the hotel’s very own SPA, which comes with an almost manageable amount of treatments. Hotel guests can use sauna and further offers for free. My 90-minute massage could have taken double the amount. Also here, you experience the fantastic, Asian hospitality. The relaxation room after the massage or treatment is also served by the great view, which makes the experience double as good.

Besides the already described Italian restaurant Tosca, there are many other possibilities to dine in the hotel. May it be the club lounge for eligible guests, Chinese kitchen, room service or the Ozone bar at night, which is a mix of bar and club with dj and offers delicious little snacks.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 6 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 5 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 4The room:

Every room shines bright by warm colors and spread out an Asian comfort, which is supported by the features. Beds are super comfortable, bedding is absolutely high-class, soft and cuddly and guarantees a relaxing sleep. In the comfortable bathrooms you cannot only refresh yourself for an exciting evening in the city, but also relax perfectly.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong Room_ - 2 Ritz Carlton Hongkong Room_ - 3

The bathroom in our suite came with detached shower, bathtub, integrated TV and two sinks. The toilet can be reach by a separated door, so that it can be used from the living room, soif there are guests, they don’t have to cross the bedroom.

Directly behind the entry of the suite you find a little corner that provides the door to the toilet. A little more upfront, in direction to the living room, a sufficiently big desk is positioned. One step further, you find a well-equipped minibar, which offers mid-ranged prices and a Nesspresso machine in every room. So you can have a coffee in the morning, afternoon or at night. Me personally, I like that modern equipment a lot, since I don’t call the room service for a coffee. Behind the desk you find place to stow things in a little cupboard. But then, the actual peak of the suite reveals: directly in front of the ceiling-high windows you find a little sofa and armchair. Like this you can perfectly enjoy the fantastic view, whether sitting or like me lying and listening to music, if the weather plays well.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong Room_ - 1 (1) Ritz Carlton Hongkong Room_ - 2 (1) Ritz Carlton Hongkong Room_ - 3 (1)

Music is the right cue word. There is a docking station for the devices with the apple, which is almost standard in hotels, but the Ritz Carlton brings it to the next level. There is an iPod Classic waiting for us in the suite, packed with music of all genres imaginable. A big television, which I haven’t used, rounds the entertainment program. All in all you find three of them in the living room, bedroom and bathroom.

The bathroom also convinces with fantastic view, ceiling-high windows, a maybe too little wardrobe, safe and suiting lighting. Because of the well adjustable reading lights at the KingSize bed, one can read and the other one sleep, without disturbing each other. On tour, we finally get to the already described bathroom, then to the extra toilet with sink and leave it through the next door and find ourselves in the corridor again.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 1 (2) Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 3 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 2 (2)

The Ritz Carlton Club Lounge

Only guests with appropriate clubrooms or suites are allowed to enter this area. This makes it kind of a hotel inside a hotel. The very own concierge cares about all the needs of guests, and further more you can get price-inclusive and delicious meals. I travelled a lot of Club Lounges and have seen lots of hotels, but I have never seen one with an open kitchen.

Ritz Carlton Hongkong Club Lounge_ - 1 Ritz Carlton Hongkong Club Lounge_ - 2 Ritz Carlton Hongkong Club Lounge_ - 3 Ritz Carlton Hongkong Club Lounge_ - 4 Ritz Carlton Hongkong Club Lounge_ - 5 Ritz Carlton Hongkong Club Lounge_ - 6

In the morning, at noon and in the evening they serve, besides Asian, also international dishes, which makes visiting the actual “breakfast restaurant” redundant. Besides, it’s also more private and calm in the “hotel inside the hotel”. Of course you get access to Wifi in any part of the hotel, which provides enough speed for Skype or VoIP. If you don’t want to take your laptop or couldn’t, you are offered a stationary one, printer and fax in order to continue business.


Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 1 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 2 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 3 Ritz Carlton Hongkong - 4

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The Ritz Carlton Hongkong
  • Hotel overall
  • Room
  • Food and Beverage
  • Service
  • Location


From the very first contact on, even before leaving the taxi, until leaving the lobby in direction of the station, the service was truly perfect. I have hardly seen houses in such a quality, where actually don’t find anything to complain about. Friendliness and heartiness of the personnel in the whole hotel, whether restaurant, Club Lounge or any other part, is indescribable pleasant. A review of the bar on floor 118 with it’s incredible cocktail creations will follow, as soon as I find some time.

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