LoungeReview: Qantas First Class Lounge in Auckland

After my review of the Qantas FirstClass Lounge in Sydney, one of the flagships of the lounges, I’ve flown on LAN’s Dreamliner to Auckland and got some business done. On my way back yesterday, I decided to fly Qantas to Brisbane and next day Etihad on the newest product in the fleet, the 787-9 Dreamliner. Thats the reason why I was able to check out the Qantas First Class Lounge in Auckland (AKL).

In Auckland at this time four Lounges. An indipndend Lounge, which one you could use with Priority Pass too, the *Alliance (Air NewZealand) Lounge, an Emirates operated Lounge (yes, they have a lot of Business there, three flights a day) and both Qantas Lounges. Before I went to the Lounge, I used the special Premium Checkin, behind the wall, offers a private and quite checkIn away from the busy checkIn areas.

Qantas Lounge First AKL - 1After a short walk, one level up, directly through an empty FastLane, make your turn left through the Duty Free store to the „Lounge Area“. Next level up and I was friendly greeted by the ladies at the desk and welcomed to the First Lounge on the left side. The lounge isn’t that big, offers appx. 60 (not sure) seats in different areas. In the main area, comfy chairs, but not enough power sockets.

Qantas Lounge First AKL - 2 Qantas Lounge First AKL - 7Unfortunately there was no view out of the Lounge, but big windows, facing something of the airport. Keep left behind the entrance and step into a small business center, equipped with 6 desks, partly with computer, printer and copy machine.

Qantas Lounge First AKL - 6Qantas Lounge First AKL - 4Food and drinks

Like everywhere in Qantas lounges, they offer good food and drinks. Today, meat pie, a typical new zealand „fast food“, soup, salad, cold cuts and cheese.

Qantas Lounge First AKL - 8Qantas Lounge First AKL - 5Qantas Lounge First AKL - 16Qantas Lounge First AKL - 9Qantas Lounge First AKL - 10Qantas Lounge First AKL - 11Qantas Lounge First AKL - 15

Even in the winter, Qantas offered IceCream in the Lounge and yes, it was very delicious. Qantas Lounge First AKL - 12In the left corner at the end, another comfy are, equipped with chairs and a bigger TV for watching sport events or news.Qantas Lounge First AKL - 3

You will get access, if:

– you’re holding a Qantas or Oneworld First Class ticket for the same day

– you’re are Qantas Platinum or Oneworld Emerald and traveling on an Oneworld operated flight today

(If you flying on an Emirates flight today, you may use the Emirates operated lounge next door)


The Qantas First Class Lounge in Auckland (AKL) isn’t comparable to their flagship lounges in Melbourne or Sydney of course, but it is a great lounge on an comparable small airport. If they would habe a runway view, it would be lovely. 🙂

Qantas Lounge First AKL - 13 Qantas Lounge First AKL - 14

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