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Review: Lufthansa First Class in the 747-400 – the „flying bed“

(deutsche Version) Lufthansa, the German airline with the crane, was on the bill today: a not yet taken route in first class with LH782 to Bangkok. In the past I already took a look at the other first class products for you. You can read about it here.
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Additionally they have the new seat in all the A380s, while in the 747-400s it’s a matter of luck to get one. Luckily you can find this out before the flight (except if there is a technical problem).

Check-In and lounge in TXL

LH_First_747-400_60My journey started, as almost always, in Berlin Tegel yesterday noon. Check-in was cleared yesterday already but my ticket still was in the Ritz Carlton so I quickly got to the counter, got a new one and went on to the Lufthansa senator lounge in Terminal A.

Check-in went on uncomplicated and friendly as always, but there also wasn’t a lot going on this Sunday noon. At the reception of the lounge I then go the typical Lufthansa first class cover with the words “I have a nice cover for your ticket for you”. This was nice but not necessary ;-).

Party I, LH 195 to Frankfurt

In the LH business class Europe cabin, where the seat is not the highlight for longer flights, but doesn’t matter for 45 minutes, I got seat 2F. In the A321 the second row is on the right side, so there is some place for the feet, but as I said for 45 minutes this is not a problem…

LH_First_747-400_02The service was OK, but nothing special, which you can expect on a short flight. We also got a meal that was really delicious. I personally enjoy having porcelain cups for coffee and no paper cup. It was warm and sunny in Frankfurt, here is a pic:


When arriving in Frankfurt I decided to go to the first class terminal, rather than the first class lounge, because I really like and use it. Therefore I went outside the terminal and on for about 200m to the FCT. Surely you have to pass security control, but it precedes fast. What it is about the FCT can be read in this article.

The Lufthansa First Class terminal in Frankfurt (FRA)

LH_First_747-400_06After a shower, because this temperature really makes on sweat fast, I had a look on the menu. Even though they had a lot of delicious stuff, I just had a little Carpaccio and something to drink. It was very tasty. I had some time left to talk to colleagues and work. When boarding was complete we went took our limo to the Z-Gates and went on to the upper deck of the 747-400, where Lufthansa placed the first class, differently than in the 747-8, where it’s at the bottom and business class is on the upper deck.


On board of the 747-400

Before the modification to the new business class, they had 16 seats in the upper deck, of which later on only 8 were used so the neighbor seat could be a bed. Then they asserted the new seat that is also used in the A380 doesn’t fit and is too heavy. So a resourceful decider thought about another constellation: while you can descend seats at other airlines and transform it into a bed, this is necessary here.


Here they took out the neighbor seat and use the space for a real bed. With “real” I men it has a real mattress, is nicely arranged with pillow, thick sheet and a day sheet. Nothing has to be transformed or descended, plus you have your seat. So you can eat, work and sleep at any time.

Additionally sleeping comfort is highly increased and I have to admit that this is the best sleeping berth you can have up in the air. 10,5 hours are almost too few.

LH_First_747-400_25The concept is impressive and suuuuuper comfortable. Comparable with a hotel bed it is and nothing less. They also took care of shelves: in the ceiling, back rest and under the bed with more than 50cm width and 40cm height. And you can reach it easily because nothing is in your way.
Here are some more pics of the seat.

LH_First_747-400_26 LH_First_747-400_28

Of course it’s positively to be able to stand up with an unfolded table, so you can get into bed e.g., and you’re not restricted. Other airlines sometimes don’t have it like that. After we got some nuts and the first beverage we were ready for take-off.
LH_First_747-400_38 LH_First_747-400_29

As soon as we could loosen our seat belts I started Flynet. Lufthansa offers the possibility to go online within a partnership with T-Mobile. If you use a hotspot flat you can surf for 10 EUR per hour or 19,95EUR for 24 hours. The connection was super-fast and available 5 hours before landing. As far as I know there is not restriction of volume. More information on the Lufthansa website.

The food

Since we leave Frankfurt after 10 P.M. it’s such a thing with eating late. Actually too late, but on the other hand too good to not try. Therefore I decide to have only starter and dessert and leave the main course out. The actual menu can be seen on the picture, also the wine menu.

Before the actual starter they offered Caviar, so I had just a little bit.

LH_First_747-400_41After I ate up I got to the actual starter. I took stained Norwegian salmon, a little salad with orange mustard dressing and pea foam on buffalo mozzarella. All together very tasty and a light snack.

As mentioned I cannot say a lot about the main course, because it was just too late for me, but sounds very delicious. But I had to have dessert of which they had two: Black Forest cake “Joachim Wissler”, the star chef who is responsible for the food, and iced mocha foam. Both was godlike but now I was really stuffed.

LH_First_747-400_46 LH_First_747-400_47

I then went to sleep for 7 hours, which I really enjoyed. When I woke up it was time for breakfast. Also here they had more choice than I could eat, so I just had some elder and yoghurt, scrambled eggs and crispy bacon.


LH_First_747-400_53Actually it’s sad the flight was only that short and you have to get out of there after 11 hours. Here the way is the goal, but surely Bangkok is very nice and I’ll try to see some stuff beside my appointments.

The Amenity Kit

LH_First_747-400_30Different than on my last flights with Lufthansa, today I got a kit by Bogner and not Porsche Design. I’m not sure this comes with the 747 or is a general decision. This doesn’t chance the fact that it is really nice and can be used afterwards, since it has a certain size. It’s equipped with the typical utensils, such as socks, eye mask and ear plugs, tooth brush and paste, comb and cosmetics by La Mar.


Landing in Bangkok and Arrival Service

LH_First_747-400_59Lufthansa receives first and HON guests at the gate with special service and name tag and then accompanies them to passport control and luggage claim. But not for me: the hotel cared about an Arrival Service and took me with a golf car from the gate. Since I travel with only hand luggage I was inside the limo 12 minutes after the doors of the airplane opened.


The first class in the 747-400 is by far the best product Lufthansa has to offer, because you cannot get more sleeping comfort. With the fixed bed installation you get the same as with a normal bed. Unfortunately this will not be the case in all airplanes, but still it was very nice.

The service on the whole flight was good. The personnel gave the impression to like it’s job and they make you feel really welcome. Thanks to Lufthansa for this experience. In 46 hours I fly back with Cathay in first class, which you can read about on Thursday / Friday.

LH_First_747-400_50 LH_First_747-400_49 LH_First_747-400_45 LH_First_747-400_43 LH_First_747-400_40 LH_First_747-400_37 LH_First_747-400_36 LH_First_747-400_35 LH_First_747-400_34 LH_First_747-400_32

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