Review: The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok




Mandarin Oriental is a name connected to luxury hotels all over world, providing a great travel experience. The same accounts for Bangkok, where I’ve already lived in the Mandarin Orientel some time ago. The hotel offers a transfer from airport to hotel on request. Some offers even come with this service. So I started my journey in a comfortable way and reached the hotel within an hour.

Cooled water and cold tissue awaits the guest in the limo. That’s how to start a nice stay.




Already when entering the lobby, the impressiveness of the Mandarin Oriental comes to light. A beautiful lobby, hughe flower buqets all over the entry area and all public areas of the hotel.

Check-in proceeded fast, super friendly and uncomplicated. All data was already available, so they just had a few detail questions about preferences, before an employee took me to the room.

There the buttleress expected me , because this service is inclusive, as are a few other small things in the MO. The kind lady cared from luggage enpacking to almost any wish you have. My shirts were taken to be ironed, since they were squeezed in my bag.


The room:

I lived in a room with river view, which is an enjoyable side effect. Those who know me and read my posts also know that to me view is more important than size or having a suite.


The room itself is kept in decent and covering colors and immediately feels like home, a place to recover and feel good. To give you a better impression I made a few pictures of the interior.


Beside double basin they also have a bath tub with well-smelling bath salt.


Comfy towerls, an Asian style bath robe and high quality cosmetics round the feeling of a luxury stay. A nice way to visit the Thai metrople Bangkok.

Restaurants, Room Service and more

The hotel offers a big selection of restaurants that can be read about on the website of the MO Bangkok. There is something for everyone, inside or outside. Especially nice is a vespertine diner at the river.


But also if you have or want to work and use the room service therefore, you find an extensive and delicious choice of foods. Here is a little view on one of my dinners, which was as tasty as it looks. And two more pictures of an afternoon tea in the lobby.


Additionally to the afternoon tea in the lobby they had some live music, which I tried to keep in a little video.


The Mandarin Oriental is surely on of the most business houses in Bangkok, as the location offers a nice view and dinner at the river and has good transfer possibilities. The hotel’s own boat service brings guests to the other side of the river. Finally a view impressions of the hotel. I can be booked at best together with a flight by the experts of cubetravel in Berlin.


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