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You are so beautiful- new suites in the Park Hyatt Hamburg Hotel


If you follow me on twitter or instagram, maybe you know I really like the Park Hyatt Hamburg Hotel and be here for more than 25 stays a year. The hotel was build more than fifteen years ago and its time to refresh. At this time all the suites have got a renovation, new interior and ready for the next guests. If you like to compare with the „old style“, have a look on my blogpost „suite in the Park Hyatt Hamburg„.
Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 26Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 28 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 29Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 30The news suites will be dominated by warm colors, really comfortable chairs and soft pillows. It’s really easy to relaxing and watching movies after a stressful day. New, really big (Samsung) Screens with international TV programs and much more media connections replacing the beautiful (but older) Bang & Olufsen TV’s.
Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 31Even if you have to work or want set up a meeting in the suite, the huge desk will be really helpful to work here. If I traveling all over the world, mostly the desk in a hotel room is one of the worst thing ever but this one is perfect. Comfortable chair(s), plenty of space, warm colors too.

Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 18Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 19Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 23Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 25

In this suite, living and bedroom are separated by doors to allow much more privacy. Especially if you traveling with your kid or baby, it will be easy to close the door and relaxing in the living room, even if the child stay in bed. My suite is equipped with a king size bed. There a another suites with two twin beds. Of course it will be possible to add a rollaway bed for the third person in the Park Suite.
Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 20Luxury bed clothes, more than four soft pillows (other kids of pillows will be available on request) and plenty of lights will make it easy to read a good book before you sleep. Only the new (and really big) TV screen is to close by the bed (or to big) in my opinion.

Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 21Leaving the bedroom, there will be three more „rooms“. On the right site, the separate toilet and the wardrobe behind. The bedroom in the middle and the bathtub and a separate shower on the left. Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 8Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 11Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 12Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 14Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 13Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 17Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 15Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 16 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 9 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 2 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 3

New „SuitePads“, Samsung Tablets replaced the „hotel information“ and contains room service menu, hotel informations, plenty of newspapers and much more.Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 4 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 5 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 6 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 7 Park_Hyatt_Hamburg_Suite_703_ - 1

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