Review: British Airways – new First Class in the 747

(deutsche VersionAfter I had the pleasure to try out First Class at Lufthansa for a transatlantic flight, yesterday the counter part followed at British Airways.


But the whole story came rather unexpected. After I visited the First Class Lounge at Terminal 5 in London Heathrow, this time we boarded punctually. I looked a little confused, after a lady shredded my boarding ticket with a smile, since my favorite place 62K (on the upper deck of the 747) was on it. I was then told: “Since you fly with us frequently, we would like to introduce our new First Class Cabin to you. We reserved the best seat of the aircraft for you.” Best seat? It was just like that. It is about seat 1A, up front on the left under the deck. At British Airways, First Class is not located on the upper deck. So I sat up front right under the cockpit, so the pilots were right above. Just the two windows slanting forward were a special experience.


Entering the First Class Cabin reminds one a little bit of Star Trek. The designers at Boing and British Airways kept it in a cozy blue, quite chic if you ask me. Hardly arriving, I was asked what kind of beverage I would prefer. The personnel are distinctly pleasant and represented sufficiently with four hostesses for 14 guests.

The arrangement of seats was kind of a fish bone configuration. They are ordered like fish bones so that there are single seats on the right and left, which are all window seats. Another advantage of this arrangement is no one sitting next to you is annoyed. But what about those, that travel two by two? Also this is not a problem at all. In the center there are connected seats, which are separated by a wall. This can be shoved open so you can talk or have your peace to sleep.


The seats are not only successful from a design point of view; they are also comfortably big and cozy. Another feature is ones on “cabinet”, in which one can hang up jacket and other garments without having to “submit” them. Another piece of sophisticated use. Especially if one likes to jump into a pajama right after the start, one asks the question where to put things in order to change in the end of the journey. Crinkled shirts, pants or sack coats are no longer a problem.

You can recognize the cabinet on the right of the screen. The big touch screen offers a variety of TV and motion pictures, games and information. If guests have changed and sit relaxed in their seats, they are being asked what they would like to drink. At the same time the menu, which sounds quite promising, is handed over.

After a short waiting time on the runway, the aircraft speeds up and blasts off with a quit buzz. Different than in other parts of the Business Cabin, World Traveler Plus or Economy, its totally quit here. The mandatory earplugs from the amenity kit are almost needless.

[pe2-gallery] IMG_9136.JPG        IMG_9138.JPG[/pe2-gallery]

The amenity kit comes in a hardcase and offers different cosmetics for the flight, beneath common socks, sleep mask and tooth brush. Whether face, hand or eye crème – whatever you need is there.

After the adequate flight attitude is reached and seat belt is fastened, you are confronted with the question “sleep or eat”. Of course, there is no dinnertime in First Class. You get to eat whenever you wish to. In that way, needs of guests are fulfilled and maximum individuality is guaranteed.

I chose to eat, which includes, beneath Amuse Geule, a freely selectable menu with starter, main course, dessert and coffee or cheese. Snacks and beverages are available on any time of the flight.

IMG_9140.JPG        IMG_9142.JPGIMG_9144.JPG        IMG_9147.JPGIMG_9148.JPG        IMG_9152.JPG

Here you can get an impression of the terrific food. I decided for “Yellow Pepper Soup”, followed by filet and for dessert some ice cream. Eating more wasn’t possible, which is why I had to cancel cheese.

Cover, dishes and cutlery was on restaurant level and doesn’t remind on airplane dinner at all. Adding up to that a fantastic view on clouds; where can you dine any better?

But now it’s time to sleep. Therewith you can balance 6 hours of time shift perfectly and arrive relaxed. Other than Lufthansa, where you get only “normal” sheets even in First Class, friendly British Airways personnel prepare the bed. Pillows and blanket are very high-class and evocative of bedding in hotels.


Me personally, I find the difference between a counterpane and bed substantial, since you can just sleep better with “proper bedding”. The bed is comfortable and offers enough place to recover, even for bigger people.

IMG_9131.JPG        IMG_9145.jpg

The shutters on the picture can be controlled electrically and stress cozy ambience.

Altogether a very interesting, sophisticated and nice product – worth a flight at any time.

IMG_9133.JPG    IMG_9121.JPG    IMG_9122.JPGIMG_9123.JPG   IMG_9125.JPG    IMG_9126.JPGIMG_9131.JPG    IMG_9135.jpg    IMG_9153.jpg

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