listen closely: Ritz Carlton – the perfect guest experience

In recent years I spent more than thousand nights in all kinds of hotels in the world, had innumerable experiences and have seen the most beautiful places but it’s the little things that stick with you.
I want to tell you a story about one of these little things and show you, how easily you can make someone happy. But first things first.

Ritz_Berlin_Erlebnis_1On Saturday of last week I drove to Berlin with my oldest son (9). We’ve been here a couple of times, usually in the beautiful Marriott Hotel, or in the Grand Hyatt. Some time ago he asked me to stay in the hotel where “Obama and the famous people went”. I go there regularly and have alreay written about the nice and newly renovated  club lounge . So I didn’t swim in unknown waters, since I have a company membership and were able to book “my room” (which is always the same). We started on Saturday off the island.


Arriving at the Hotel we immediately went to level 10, so my son asked me:

„Dad, don’t we have to check in first?“.

Of course, but we’ll do that in the lounge upstairs, the staff is already informed. After a friendly check-in, a little small talk, receiving a nice ritz-kids brochure and a beverage, we got to the room and went back to the lounge to eat something. My son was so happy about all the things he discovered.

When we sat in the lounge, a new employee who I didn’t know yet introduced herself: Nicole Pfeiffer, Guest Relation Manager. She sat down at the table and had a little chat with us. My son told her he’d go to the Adel Tawil concert in the “big O2 Arena” and he was really looking forward to it. Nothing unusual so far, so we went through the animal garden and back to the room.

The phone rang, I picked it up and the nice lady from before asked me when we’d like to go to the concert and that we had to meet her in the lobby for a little surprise. So we made an appointment for 6 o’clock and went downstairs. Ritz_Berlin_Erlebnis_2Arriving at the lobby my son was a little nervous. Nicole gave him a little present: a nicely packed CD from Adel Tawil, so he could “get in the mood for the concert”. He was really happy to hear in the car what we were about to see live.

But that was not the end: The second part of the surprise was a chauffeur with the new black Mercedes S Class “to bring you and your dad to the concert and pick you up”. Now this made him really proud! Being chauffeured like a star to the premium entrance of the O2 Arena. Ritz_Berlin_Erlebnis_3



For the hotel this might have not been a big deal, but we will always remember this. I communicated “you are important to us and we think about you”.



After a nice dinner and a great concert the drive was waiting for us in front of the arena…
Ritz_Berlin_Erlebnis_4 Ritz_Berlin_Erlebnis_5…picked us up and brought us to the hotel. Look at how happy my son was!


This was one of these days on which we both had a great night and a hotel proved its quality. THANK YOU Ritz Carlton Berlin, THANK YOU Nicole Pfeiffer for this idea and of course the concierge for implementing it.

Thank you Ritz Carlton!

Whenever people seriously try to satisfy customer, not because they want to sell but because they love their product and what they do, they create experiences like this.

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