Cathay Pacific 1st Airbus A350 in pictures

Two weeks ago, I’ve got an invitation by Cathay Pacific Hongkong to join the welcome ceremony of the first ever A350 of Cathay Pacific in Hongkong today. In the last years, I was lucky enough to be invited by Qatar Airways to the launch ceremony in Toulouse, bought a ticket for the Qatar Airways A350 inaugural flight and did the same with Finnair and Singapore airlines.

Registration B-LRA

first commercial flight on 1st June HKG-MNL

In fact, I haven’t really that much time, because I had a lot of business appointments this week, we decided to fly in last night with Cathay from Zurich and arrived 7am in the morning. The event was scheduled for 6pm and we had plenty of time.

Now, I’m sitting ten the wonderful THE PIER First Class Lounge in Hongkong and I’m waiting for my flight back to Dusseldorf, but before I will be on bord, I try to upload some more pictures.

Cathay Pacific A350 – the plane

Cathay A350_ - 16

Cathay A350_ - 17 Cathay A350_ - 15 Cathay A350_ - 21Cathay A350_ - 14

Cathay Pacific A350 – Economy Class

Cathay A350_ - 22 Cathay A350_ - 23Cathay A350_ - 39

Cathay Pacific A350 – Premium Economy Class

Cathay A350_ - 28 Cathay A350_ - 24

Cathay Pacific A350 – Business Class

Cathay A350_ - 29 Cathay A350_ - 25 Cathay A350_ - 27 Cathay A350_ - 34 Cathay A350_ - 33 Cathay A350_ - 38 Cathay A350_ - 37

and some more Cathay A350_ - 3 Cathay A350_ - 4 Cathay A350_ - 7 Cathay A350_ - 8 Cathay A350_ - 11 Cathay A350_ - 15

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