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Four Seasons Hotel Dubai

MustSee: One of the best skyline views in Dubai- the rooftop Bar on top of the Four Seasons Hotel Dubai, Jumeirah Beach

Dubai ist definitely one of the fastest growing cities in the world and is changing every single day. Especially if you out of the city, even just for weeks, and returning, noting looks the same. Contractions and new (bigger) skyscrapers everywhere. But if you are in the city, it could be nice to settle down on a nice spot, watching the sunset and relax with a drink.

Since the Four Seasons Dubai at Jumeirah Beach opened last year, the rooftop Bar offers a really beautiful view to the city, especially during the sunset. All the skyscrapers were touching with some orange to red sunbeams and it looks like a postcard, but its true.

Even if you donut stay at the Four Seasons, take the opportunity and visit the hotel for a sundowner. After entering the beautiful lobby of the hotel, take the elevator to the rooftop. We were very warm welcomed by the friendly staff there and really impressed. On the left side after entering the rooftop, a fantastic view over the resort and the beach.

1_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_resort_View - 1Turning around and walking to the other side, the chairs all around offers the opportunity to sit down, listening music and watching to the barkeeper in action.

2_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_resort_chairs_ - 1

Later on, the sunset comes closer and the light turns into orange and more red. All around the rooftop was nicely illuminated and looks absolutely beautiful. Definitely try to catch a chair on the city site and watching the Burj Khalifa and the skyline dining the sunset.

3_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_resort_lights_ - 1

Order some snacks and a drink … ENJOY!

5_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_snacks_ - 16_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_snacks_ - 2 7_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_snacks_ - 3

FourSeasons_Dubai_Panorama - 1 4_FourSeasons_Dubai_Rooftop_resort_lights_ - 2

Getting there?

It’s definitely easy. Using your rental car, one of the cheep cabs or otherwise UBER, the personal transport service, also in the UAE. If you like, get a free 10Euro (11 US$) Voucher for your first ride by using my link.

FourSeasons_Dubai_Panorama_around_ - 3

FourSeasons_Dubai_Panorama_around_ - 2