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Trip Report- the beautiful Andaz Hotel in Tokyo

Unfortunately, it’s already few month ago and just realized I haven’t posted the trip report of my last stay in Tokyo. The Andaz Hotel is a special brand of the global HYATT Hotel Group.

After I visited Hong Kong, I flew to Tokyo and used a private (expensive) transfer into the city. Especially if you arrive at Narita, it could take more than an hour to reach the Andaz, located near Tokyo station and Ginza area. On the other hand, it’s close by the Tokyo tower and only a 10-15 minutes walk to visit the tower.

The main entrance of the ANDAZ on the ground floor, but you have to the elevator to reach the hotel lobby. Interesting fact… the lobby is located above the room floors.

1_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel_ - 3 2_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel_ - 2

On the picture above: The bar at the lobby level, perfect to have a coffee or drink with a view over Tokyo. Also the restaurant, serving breakfast in the morning, located on the lobby level.

3_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel_ - 1

During the checkin, I was informed that my reservation was upgraded to a corner room, in fact of my Hyatt Diamond Status. Also the breakfast and the premium WiFi will be included as a HYATT Diamond member. The checkin was done within minutes and I was escorted to my room.

4_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel__ - 1 6_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel__ - 1
5_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel__ - 1The interior design is really interesting, clear, simple and white. If you are reading some other reviews, they often says its to sterilely, but I really like it.

7_Andaz_Tokyo_LobbyLevel__ - 1

8_Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_ - 1 9_Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_ - 2
Quickly we arrived in my room and I was really impressed by the view. Room 4907 was a corner room and this rooms are much bigger then the standard rooms in the Andaz Hotel.Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_VIEW - 1

In the room was the comfortable (HYATT) bed, with beautiful bed linen. My bed it was placed „with a view“. Even in the morning, just a click away, the blinds are opening and you will seeing this amazing view over Tokyo. Especially on the higher floors, the huge windows are offering an amazing view. The perfect place watching the sunrise or sunset.

All the rooms have a big desk, good for business traveller. The bathroom was equipped with a rainshower and a huge bath tube, perfect for a typical japanese bath ritual.

Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Bath_ - 1Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Bath_ - 2 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Bath_ - 3Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Bath_ - 4

In the wardrobe, I found something special. Not only the bathrobe, but this Kimono in an interesting design.

Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_gadgets - 3Back in the room.

Also there, all gadgets to make japaneese tea, also an nespresso coffee maker (perfect for me), the best way to get ready for the day on an early morning.Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_gadgets - 2 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_gadgets - 1

The best start in our day… fresh coffee. But if you find time, please visit the SPA, fitness center and the pool area. I’ll showing you around with plenty of pictures…

Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Pool_SPA_ - 5 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Pool_SPA_ - 4 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Pool_SPA_ - 1Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Pool_SPA_ - 3 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_Pool_SPA_ - 2

Some more views…

Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_ROOM_INSIDE_ - 4 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_ROOM_INSIDE_ - 5 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_ROOM_INSIDE_ - 6Breakfast was served, as I mentioned before, in the restaurant on the lobby level. It was offered as a buffet breakfast with live cooking stations, if you like eggs or something special. As a Hyatt Diamond member, the breakfast was (as always) included in my room rate for both of us.

Andaz_Tokyo_breakfast_ - 1 Andaz_Tokyo_breakfast_ - 2 Andaz_Tokyo_breakfast_ - 3But there is one last hint in the ANDAZ. On the rooftop, there is a church. If you have any wedding plans… feel free to celebrate your wedding in this very special location on top of the building.Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_CHURCH_ - 2 Andaz_Tokyo_ROOM_CHURCH_ - 3Location:

1-23-4, Toranomon, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan, 105-0001
Tel: +81 3 6830 1234