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Short review of the newest baby in the Finnair fleet – A350 familiarization flights- business Class

Finnair is now the first european airline with an A350 in her fleet. After Qatar, the airline in the middle east who has got the A350 last year (–> klick here for the full Qatar Airways A350 Business Class review), Vietnam airlines was the second one and Finnair just startet the familiarization flights in Europe.

Last week, I flown in with the actual Finnair business class in the fleet (–>Review A330/340) from New York to Helsinki and was booked for the next day on the A350 business class to Düsseldorf. After arriving in Helsinki, I had the chance to visit the –> new Finnair premium lounge in Helsinki, if you like to have a look, feel free.

As I stayed in the Hilton HEL Airport I’ve got and invitation from Finnair to fly HEL-GOT-HEL on the same day and grabbed the chance. I saw the A350 from my hotel room, came in from Berlin took the first picture.

Finnair_A350_ - 1After arriving, I went to the airport and passed the security fast lane very quickly, was nearly the only passenger there. At the gate, a lot of people were very excited. passenger took pictures and the crew, all other passing crews and did the same.

We boarded a little bit late for this very short flight. In case of the familiarization flight, we had sixteen cabin crew members on the flight and all of them were very happy to fly with this beautiful plane. As I wrote after my Qatar flight, the A350 is the most beautiful and the most quiet airplane in the world.

Finnair_A350___ - 1Finnair offers in the A350 a two part business class cabin. In the fist section of the plane, 28 seats were offered for passengers. The plane use a 1-2-1 configuration and every seat got a direct aisle access and use a similar seat like Qatar and American Airlines.

Finnair_A350_ - 19Behind the galley, 14 more business class seats in the same configuration there. If you prefer the smaller plane, take one of this seats. Here some more pictures inside the cabin and with the seat.

Finnair_A350- - 2 Finnair_A350- - 4 Finnair_A350- - 3

Finnair_A350_ - 1

-Finnair_A350-- - 1 -Finnair_A350-- - 2 -Finnair_A350-- - 4 -Finnair_A350-- - 5One of the most impressing things, the camera, offers an amazing view from the tail.

Finnair_A350- - 5If you flying the A350, try definitely the inflight map. The new map shows point of interest and more information if you touch on the point and also an impressive „cockpit scene“.

Finnair_A350- - 9 Finnair_A350- - 10Inflight wifi is quick enough to getting some work done (around 2-3 MBit up and down) and is free for business class passenger. All other could buy a pass (5 € for one hour, 15 for the whole flight).

Another new thing is the „timeline“. On longer flights, this timeline shows your exactly when the meals will be served, when inflight shopping start and when you find time to rest, relax or work. For me, it’s a fantastic idea and makes it much more easier to organize your flight.

Finnair_A350_ - 22The seat is very comfortable and could be turned into a flat bed. A lot of storage for your belongings will make it easy to store all your books, newspapers, clothes, shoes and more.

Finnair_A350_ - 4 Finnair_A350_ - 3 Finnair_A350_ - 2 Finnair_A350_ - 5 Finnair_A350_ - 23Finnair provide a special light „show“ in the plane which helps you to get better into the new timezone. On this flights, AY shows special lights, inspired by the northern lights. Amazing and so beautiful. I saw this light during day and the night flight and will showing you some pictures.

Finnair_A350_ - 25 Finnair_A350_ - 24 Finnair_A350__ - 18 Finnair_A350__ - 9 Finnair_A350__ - 4

Last but not least, some more random pictures of the interior, the (shot haul) food offers ans the plane.Finnair_A350_food_ - 1 Finnair_A350_food_ - 2Finnair_A350__ - 3 Finnair_A350_ - 9 Finnair_A350_ - 7 Finnair_A350_ - 18 Finnair_A350_ - 14Finnair_A350_ - 17Finnair_A350_ - 16Finnair_A350__ - 11Finnair_A350- - 6Finnair_A350- - 7Finnair_A350- - 11Water Salute in GOTFinnair_A350_GOT_ - 1If you like to try this fantastic airplane, you could. Here the schedule for the flights within Europe and the special flight numbers. On the 21st November, the plane will take the first longhaul flight to Shanghai. If you like to meet me, feel free to join for a coffee or coke in the air. 🙂

Finnair schedule A350

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